Still from the Nightmare shoot. Photo by Janelle Claire Beranek.

Still from the Nightmare shoot. Photo by Janelle Claire Beranek.

because your laptop doesn’t even have a cd drive


ok if you wanna get the bracelet EP here are your options

1. come to a show, give me your money ($10, $8 senior discount)

2. paypal $10

3. barter system. i accept exchanges of fresh fruit, fancy hats and/or heartfelt messages (they had better be HEARTFELT)

good shit

too cold for a love song
so I wrote one cause I love wrong
I know her, I don’t trust her
I hold her, I don’t touch her
I say things and she likes that
I start shit so she can fight back
that white lie was my first one
this next shot will be the worst one

- the dean’s list


so i was feeling weird and i googled the signs of demon possession

"changes in sleep patterns"

"sudden weight loss or gain"

"creepy feelings"

oh shit

cat chat

  • *imagined conversations with the cat*
  • me: do you think i'm a bad person?
  • cat: give me a break
  • me: i'm serious. like how bad? on a ten scale?
  • cat: well you're no machiavelli or pol pot. self-absorbed dipshittery only gets you so far. forgetting your sister's birthday is what, a 3?
  • me: i didn't forget my sister's birthday
  • cat: yeah. you wrote on her facebook wall
  • me: i'm a bad person
  • cat: you're a hapless second rate villain. you're team rocket. you're ursula's flotsam and jetsam. you're jafar's iago. you're not gonna hurt anybody so shut up and go to sleep
  • me: thanks
  • cat: i'm here for you
upstate ny

upstate ny

real talk

  • maggie: you're a practicing pragmatic, not a saint
  • me: i'm an unrepentant sinner


things i have lost in the last 2 weeks

1 headband

1 wallet


1 pair of north face gloves

1 official tax document

structural integrity in an unknown quantity of dendrites

2 hair ties

1 nabokov novel [borrowed]

1 sentimental napkin with a scrawled graph plotting affection over time

dr. nu

dr. nu


liver, these flowers are for u

i’m sorry¬†

i know i did wrong

u know i love u